Geeta Bharadia, QC​

Geeta Bharadia, QC provides family law services as well as mediation and arbitration of all kinds of disputes. Her focus is to achieve positive and constructive conflict resolution. Ms. Bharadia has extensive experience in adjudicating and decision-making, having held quasi-judicial appointments for a total of over 10 years. She has worked in mediation and alternate dispute resolution for over 25 years and has been recognized as a leader in her field.

She has conducted hundreds of mediations (in-person and by video-conferencing) encompassing the areas of family matters (including parenting, separation, divorce, complex financial issues, family business issues).



Mediation can reduce the cost, time and stress of going to court. In this process, Ms. Bharadia as a neutral mediator assists clients in stating their point of view, clarifying issues and effectively finding unique resolutions. Mediation by video-conferencing (eg. Zoom) is available.


This process is often used when parties need a decision-maker and do not wish to go to court . Ms. Bharadia is appointed by agreement of the parties pursuant to the Arbitration Act (Alberta) and essentially has similar powers as a judge. This service is available by video-conferencing (eg. Zoom).

Mediation - Arbitration

This is a process in which, Ms. Bharadia, as a trained neutral third party is appointed by agreement of the parties to first attempt to resolve matters amicably through mediation. If they are unable to reach a resolution. This service is available by video-conferencing (eg. Zoom).

Parenting Coordination

Parenting Coordination is essentially mediation/arbitration of parenting issues. The parenting coordinator, uses mediation techniques to attempt to come to a settlement and, if this is not possible. This service is available by video-conferencing (eg. Zoom).

Collaborative Law

This is a solution orientated process used primarily in family and divorce matters with trained professionals. Divorce does not have to mean high conflict between two people. The focus of Collaborative Practice is the support…….

Lawyer-Assisted Negotiation

This option usually takes place within the litigation process and can take place at any time, with each lawyer obtaining information and instructions from their client.


When all alternatives to resolving disputes fail or the parties simply cannot agree, they may have to proceed to litigation. Court applications are made and the parties usually present evidence in the form of a sworn affidavit.