This process is often used when parties need a decision-maker and do not wish to go to court . Ms. Bharadia is appointed by agreement of the parties pursuant to the Arbitration Act (Alberta) and essentially has similar powers as a judge. The advantage is that you can set a date for arbitration and obtain a decision much quicker than at court. After the hearing, the arbitrator provides her decision (or Award) and it has the same effect as a judgment in court and can be incorporated by the parties’ respective lawyers into a court order, if necessary. The arbitration hearing can be fairly informal or more formal and can take place with our without your lawyers present, based on what suits the case and the complexity of the issues. Arbitration can help resolve issues faster, with your decision-maker of choice, so you can move forward. Arbitration is a growing area of Ms. Bharadia’s practice.

Ms. Bharadia has over 10 years combined experience as a judge in a tribunal setting and has extensive decision making and decision writing experience. She is currently a sitting quasi-judicial member at the Law Enforcement Review Board.