Collaborative Law

Geeta Bharadia, QC


This is a unique solution-orientated process used primarily in family and divorce matters with trained professionals. Divorce does not have to mean high conflict between two people. The focus of Collaborative Practice is the support, guidance and advice provided by your collaboratively trained lawyer and other professionals as a team to reach a resolution with a
commitment not to go to court.

The parties and the two collaborative lawyers sign a contract together to work in a respectful manner and agree to disclose all documents and information related to the issues. If a lawyer or any of the parties discovers that the collaborative process rules are not being followed and continue not to be followed, or if the parties cannot resolve the issues, then the lawyer is obligated to withdraw and both parties then will be required to retain new lawyers.

If an agreement is reached, one of the collaborative lawyers can draft the Agreement that will be signed by the parties. This process is quite different from traditional lawyer-assisted negotiation where there are different rules for disclosure and other steps and the lawyers are not working as a “team”.

Ms. Bharadia was one of the first Collaborative family lawyers trained in 2000 in Alberta. She has extensive experience in the process and has successfully worked on many collaborative law cases. Ms. Bharadia believes that certain cases can benefit from the Collaborative Law option.

Collaborative Law Defined (Wikipedia)

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